Hybrid Signal Whip PHS12As you probably have already noticed, this is not a PH Nylon Whip like all of the other whips so far in this photo gallery blog.  Tentatively, we are calling this new type of whip the Performance Hybrid Signal Whip, or PHS12 for short.  Equivalent to approximately a regular 4ft signal whip, it is perfect for indoor use, and performs both flick style and cattleman’s style cracks with ease and accuracy.  The popper/cracker is attached in the same way a snake whip or bullwhip’s popper is attached, so it is very simple for the user to replace as needed.

The PHS12 is not yet available for order because we are very serious about testing any new designs thoroughly in order to make the best balanced and most durable whip we can.  We have been experimenting off and on with different designs for a nylon signal or snake whip for quite some time now, but finally settled on this design in late spring this year.

Hello Kitty WhipSince then, we have made several for testing purposes, and put them in the hands of both professional and novice whipcrackers across the country, from New York to California.  The PHS12 whip pictured above is one of these test whips, as is the neon pink and white Hello Kitty themed whip to the left.  So far with this design, we have heard a lot of positive feedback, so you can very likely look forward to us beginning to offer this PHS12 model sometime in the near future.  When it becomes available, we’ll make another announcement here on this nylon photo gallery blog, as well as adding detailed information about the whip and how to order on our main MidWestWhips website.  Stay tuned!

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